Grandma’s House


Grandma’s House’ has milk in a china cow. There is a rocking chair that is fun to ride on. We see a globe that shows places all around the world. There is an attic ladder that leads up and up into boxes of a secretive past.

Grandma keeps the key to the ticking clock at the bottom of the stairs. Where is Grandma?

We explore the house with her granddaughter, feeling such love and familiarity. Every room reveals history, personality, interest and potential. The flap pictures fold back to share confidences and treasures.

Like The High Street, ‘Grandma’s House’ is a delight, a ‘forever book’ that demands to be read, reread, cherished and shared. Alice Melvin is a talented, curious and inspired picture book maker. We are proud to recommend her books with our readers.


Grandma’s House

Alice Melvin

(Tate)– hardback

‘Often after school, I go to ‘Grandma’s House’. Through the open front door we travel. We watch as the girl hangs up her coat inside the hall. We journey through the house, seeing her take her milk from the china cow, looking over the familiar kitchen. This is ‘Grandma’s House‘, but where is Grandma? What is the story of the house? There is so much to explore, beyond that which we are being shown!


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