Grandpa Christmas


Amongst the Christmas decorations is the diary that Mia wrote when she was little. It is precious because it contains the letter written to her by ‘Grandpa Christmas‘. Instead of a Christmas card, he wrote to his little granddaughter many years before, a letter of hopes and wishes. The letter was inspired by the delight Mia’s visits offer ‘Grandpa Christmas’. He shares his concerns about the future of our planet, the fragility of the life we share. The letter is a pledge of our guardianship of the Earth, a wish for a new world, ‘without war and waste’, with ‘clear bright water,’ ‘where no one goes hungry.’

Michael Morpurgo’s beautiful words are tinged with pathos. This is a love song to our planet, to life on earth, a hymnal of sadness at heedlessness and greed. Yet, accompanied by Jim Field’s light tinged, open eyed, upwardly slanted pictures, ‘Grandpa Christmas’ offers hope, too, to a new generation. By pitching this as a letter written by a grandfather, to a little girl now grown, there is a continuity and conviction in its message.

Like the letter format, ‘Grandpa Christmas’ is not a predictable Christmas story, but a ‘forever’ reminder of our place aboard this beautiful planet. It’s a timely reminder during the season of goodwill and generosity and overindulgence. Yet it is also a most beautiful wish for new generations. ‘Grandpa Christmas’ is an exceptionally beautiful book.


Grandpa Christmas

Michael Morpurgo, illustrated by Jim Field

(Egmont)– hardback

‘Grandpa Christmas‘ is a letter, written for Mia one Christmas. She keeps it in her diary. Every Christmas she takes her Grandpa’s letter from this hiding place and shares it. Her family know parts of the letter by heart. In ‘Grandpa Christmas’ we share in its reading.


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