Grandpa Green


In green and gold tones, with nostalgic tipped pen drawings, Lane Smith’s main character tells the story of his grandfather. From his early days, ‘before computers or mobile phones or telephones’ to life on the farm, war and work, we follow Grandpa Green’s life of service, industry and as a family man.

This is a loving testimony to a grandparent, but also a visual history of an era. Lane Smith is a special, unique picture book maker. His words are few, his images rich, his meanings wealthy with inference, nostalgia, consideration and humanity. We recommend ‘Grandpa Green‘ highly as an ideal choice for all readers, aged from 4 or 5, to adult.


Grandpa Green

Lane Smith

(Two Hoots)

Through the ever expanding, ever changing topiary pictures, we share the life and story of Grandpa Green, in this original, loving testimony to a much loved family member. We love this title and recommend it to all readers, aged from 4 or 5 years old.


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