Granny Magic


Will Shepherd loves the knitted garments and toys that remind him of his Granny Gertie. It’s as though she’s included something of herself in them. When they’re packing away her home, his family look at her ‘knitted pinushion, tea cosies and shawls, coats for dogs, cases for glasses and hats for dolls, knitted bathing costumes, dressing gowns and opera capes.’ Suddenly Will is invested in all the knitting left by Granny Gertie. The jumper he chooses to remember her by seems to fit him perfectly, although it looks too small. Then it fits his little sister, Sophie. Is this part of a ‘Granny Magic’?

Mr Fitchit, newcomer, is very interested in Granny’s knitting. He’s working to collect all the knitted garments around Knittington. Will is suspicious of him immediately, while the Gang of Grannies, who knitted with Granny Gertie, are certain he’s up to no good. What is he playing at? Why would he offer a ridiculous sum to buy all the odd mittens in the charity shop? Furthermore, why would he send ferrets to steal away knitted pieces in the middle of the night?

What does ‘Granny Magic‘ have to do with motorbikes, an end of August night and a Manx cat? The twists and turns are like a particularly complex knitting stitch, but the results are really warm and rewarding. We welcome this great early chapter book aboard Bookwagon!


Granny Magic

Elka Evalds

(Chicken House)

‘Granny Magic‘ seems to have something to do with Will’s granny’s knitting. What could be so special about the garments Will’s Granny Gertie knitted? Certainly, there’s something that’s drawing the dedicated attention of newcomer Mr Fitchet with his ‘pressed-thin grin‘. He’s bought Knittington’s Woolman Mill and seems determined to buy up all the knitted garments in town. What is the intention of ‘Fitchet & Ferret’ and why is Mr Fitchet so very interested in Magic Wool?
Will’s instant suspicion of Mr Fitchet is right on the money. It leads him to the Gang of Grannies and the revelation of his Granny’s knitting magic. Somehow Granny’s knitting always did the right thing, whether it be to comfort, make you run faster, or give you strength. Could it be that there’s something more than Granny love within the stitches? Might it be possible that the wool itself contains some magical ingredient?
Will and the grannies are going to have to use all their combined skills and ingenuity to stitch up Fitchit! Magical mysteries for newer readers, such as this, or Picklewitch & Jack and the Cuckoo Cousin hit just the right note. We are delighted to welcome ‘Granny Magic‘ aboard!



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