Great Bunny Bakes


There are no recipes offered in ‘Great Bunny Bakes‘. There are tantalising treats…. bread, trifle, honey buns and chocolate cake. There’s no end to Quentin’s baking skill but one lurking lupine  problem. Quentin is a competitor in the Bunny Bake-Off and he’s not a bunny, but a wolf!

In disguise, Quentin is determined to blend in perfectly and complete all five challenges of the bake-off. Little by little, challenge by challenge, bake by bake, Quentin competes…

Great Bunny Bakes‘ is a tempting treat of delicacies, courage, wit and flavour. Bookwagon urges our younger readers to sample this wonderful title! It’s a Golden Egg Trophy winner for certain!


Great Bunny Bakes

Ellie Snowdon

(Simon & Schuster)

What happens if you’re a wolf with little opportunity to share your  baking talents until there’s a bunny bake off?  Wolves can’t enter bunny baking competitions, can they?
Great Bunny Bakes‘ is an enchanting, clever and beautifully realised picture book in which we delight. Young readers are urged to join Wolf at the Bunny Bake Off.


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