Great Rivers of the World


Some of the Great Rivers of the World are profiled in this brilliant book.  Rivers from every continent are featured.  From the Thames to the Murray in Australia, to the Mekong and Yangste in Asia.  Of course, readers will find the Nile, Amazon, Congo, Rhine, Mississippi and many others.

The book is not just a fabulous atlas, we also learn the history and cultures of the countries through which the rivers flow.  Most importantly perhaps, we find out how important the rivers have been in forging nations and influencing the way people live.

Originally published in Germany, this excellent book is now available for every lover of rivers and geography, of any age.  Great Rivers of the World is highly recommended by Bookwagon!

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Great Rivers of the World

Volker Mehnert and Martin Haake

(Prestel) – hardback

You could spend hours navigating The Great Rivers of the World. This vibrant and fact-filled atlas and historical guide is a superb reading quest for readers of all ages. What’s more  it’s a great blend of geography, history, and culture.
Discover the Nile, Amazon, Yangste, Mississippi, Mekong and Congo rivers – the list is almost endless.  Find answers to questions such as: what river helps to mark the prime meridian? Why do people make pilgrimages to the Indian city of Benares? Why is the Mekong called the “Nine Dragon” river in Vietnam? How does the Mississippi both unite and divide the United States?
These and hundreds of other facts are explored in this wonderfully illustrated atlas. Furthermore, each spread offers a colourful map packed with drawings, facts and figures. Highlighted are cities that rest on the rivers, as are the distinct flora and fauna, significant natural and human-made features.
Moreover, a “biography” of each river is constructed. We learn where it flows and its importance to the communities it passes through. Special attention is given to the ecological health of the rivers.  Some of the rivers are thriving, while others are in danger of losing their valuable habitats.
The enormous impact that rivers have on our lives is central to this fabulous book.
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