Grimwood 4: Party Animals


The mayhem and hilarity continues in this latest instalment of the magnificent Grimwood series.  Grimwood 4: Party Animals is all about party time in the woods, although not every resident is happy about it.  Shockingly, the partiest party animal, Sharon the Party Crow is finding it hard to summon the enthusiasm; she’s lost her mojo! Can the residents of Grimwood get the party started with Sharon at the centre of the festivities?

Bookwagon is a big fan of the Grimwood series and this fourth instalment might just be the best yet.

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Grimwood 4: Party Animals

Written and illustrated by Nadia Shireen

(Simon & Schuster)

In Grimwood 4: Party Animals, it’s party time in the woods.  Everyone is invited and they can’t wait (well, most of them) to party down. However, three parties in one day has proven too much for Grimwood’s top raver, Sharon the Party Crow.  She’s exhausted and has seriously lost her mojo! So it’s up to Ted, Nancy, Willow and the rest of the Grimwood gang to help Sharon get her groove back. Can everyone get the party started again?
With these lovable characters, there is every chance it will.  That’s not before Pamela the eagle has interrupted a party to shocking, but characteristic effect.  The Grimwood series is one of Bookwagon’s favourites.  It offers hilarious high jinx, surprises, heart and it’s so entertainingly written. Party Animals revisits the ‘horrible smelly weirdos’ for more hilarious escapades.  The theory around Grimwood is that Sharon’s brain has been replaced with a cauliflower? As usual, the narrator is woodlouse Eric Dynamite who engages in a running battle with another woodlouse interloper. Nadia Shireen’s skill as a storyteller allows her to insert relevant themes for children amongst the mayhem.  In this instalment, there is a surprising friendship dispute for instance. This might be the brightest and funniest instalment of the entire series!


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