Grumpy Duck


‘Grumpy Duck’ has nobody to play with. A little grey cloud of grumpiness forms. It grows as animals invite her to join them. Will she play in the pongy pond with Pig? Maybe share a snack with Goat? ‘Grumpy Duck’ is not keen. Her misery grows and spreads to the other animals. What will it take to burst her mood and make her happy?

With a confident sequence, approachable dialogue and interaction, Joyce Dunbar has created a gripping storyline. Bookwagon favourite Petr Horáček mirrors this with his bold, colour rich, strong pictures. We travel with Duck through her mood and friendships. We grow frustrated by her gruff dismissals of warm invitations.

Grumpy Duck‘ is a classic, ‘forever’ picture book of class, strength and merit. It is a title that children will turn to, cherish and read often. Bookwagon loves and recommends ‘Grumpy Duck’. 


Grumpy Duck

Joyce Dunbar and Petr Horáček

(Walker Books)

Duck was feeling grumpy.‘ How will the ‘little grey cloud’ of grumpiness affect Duck and the friends who want to play with her? Will she take up his offer to dig holes with Dog? Could Duck roll in Pig’s pongy puddle? Maybe she could see if she can hop higher than Rabbit? What will help ‘Grumpy Duck’?


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