Unicorn is excited to be writing a story. He sets himself up with a special fluffy pen and special moon berry tea in his special writing house. Yet ideas do not ‘come knocking’ at his door. Instead, he’s visited by Narwhal, Jellyfish and Mermaid. They are keen to help with ideas, but Unicorn dismisses them. What happens if he’s so frustrated he becomes a ‘Grumpycorn’? What will his friends think and do?

Sarah McIntyre’s stories and picture books are always uplifting. ‘Grumpycorn‘ is no exception. While the message is obvious it does not beat the reader over the head. Warm characters, a humorous and imaginative plot and beautiful, sweeping pictures create a positive, smile-inducing story. ‘Grumpcorn‘ is a happy, inspiring, empathetic and imaginative picture book.



Sarah McIntyre


Unicorn wishes an idea for his fabulous story would come knocking at his door. Instead, his friends visit. Narwhal wants to be in Unicorn’s story but Unicorn says he’s being silly. Will he write about Jellyfish? Maybe Mermaid’s cookies could inspire Unicorn to include her? What will work? As Unicorn becomes more frustrated, and his friends are dismissed, his creativity evaporates. He becomes ‘Grumpycorn’. Will a story ever eventuate?


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