Guinea Pig Superstar


Guinea Pig Superstar Harry Stevenson is VERY excited. His  best friend Billy is taking him into school to show him off at the Show and Tell.  Unfortunately, another classmate  decides to bring in his pet snake and chaos ensues when as usual, Harry’s rumbling tummy gets him into trouble! Can this small guinea pig survive his first day at school?

In the second story in this hilarious and colourful addition to the series, a thief – dressed up as a chicken – steals Sparky FC’s championship cup, Harry finds himself caught up in a real-life robbery! Can Harry stop the thief, save the day and remain a superstar guinea pig?


Guinea Pig Superstar

Ali Pye

(Simon & Schuster)

Harry Stevenson, Guinea Pig Superstar returns in this hilarious and joyful instalment of stories for newer readers.  In the first story, Harry is very excited because best friend Billy is showing him off at Show and Tell day.  What Harry doesn’t know is another boy at Billy’s school is showing his pet snake, Flash.  Guinea pigs and snakes do NOT mix well and when Harry’s rumbling tummy gets the better of him and he goes off in search of food, chaos ensues.
The second story sees Harry join Billy at a special party to celebrate Sparky FC’s triumph in the cup.  But the theft of the trophy by someone dressed in a chicken suit threatens to bring disaster. Once again, Harry’s hunger adds further hilarity and adventure.
The Harry Stevenson series by Ali Pye are great fun and super early chapter books – Harry Stevenson truly is a Guineas Pig Superstar!


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