Raina’s ‘Guts’ are in a tangle. Should there be a tummy bug alert, from home or school, Raina is churned up. The thought of vomiting makes her…. Then there’s other people’s food habits. Can she sustain meals at her friend’s house where they eat with their hands? She finds it hard enough to share packed lunchbox meals at school. Even home meals other than pizza make her feel sick. There’s nothing for it, Raina needs help!

Who can she share her anxieties with? Certainly not classmate Michelle who seems to love every mishap into which Raina falls. She makes Raina feel so wound up that her ‘Guts’ churn over. So do maths tests or speaking aloud. Raina needs help!

Award-winning graphic novelist Raina Telgemeier shares another story from her childhood in ‘Guts‘. Drawing was a way of coping through tricky times and situations, It was also something at which she ‘shone’. Now these diary form drawings form the basis of outstanding stories that empathise with others’ feelings and experiences. Bookwagon is proud to recommend ‘Guts’ to our readers.

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Raina Telgemeier


What happens when your ‘Guts‘ seem to be in a permanent tangle? It’s one thing to pick up a stomach bug, but what  if you’ve constant tummy churning problems? It might be when you come to give a report in class with your friend. You face everyone, begin to speak and…. Or what about if you can’t share your food? You think about other people touching, wondering where their hands have been or if they’ve cleaned up properly?
Could it be that your ‘Guts’ need some help? That talking to somebody about the way other people’s vomiting churns you up and makes you feel sick? Further, that you are put off food altogether through thoughts that you can’t control? Could there be friendship anxieties? Problems about the fact that you see everything through your drawing?
Award-winning graphic novelist Raina Telgemeier journeys to her past in this graphic novel. Like Smile and Sisters she’s remembering troubles from her school days. Raina was the girl whose tummy tied in knots. What happened? Why was she like this? Does she have any wise words and picture advice in her latest brilliant graphic novel? Bookwagon is proud to recommend ‘Guts’. 


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