Half Past Peculiar Finders Creepers


The disappearance of Dunnswood, their beloved dog, inspires Atticus and Esmeralda Fetch to create their Pet Location services. They’ve subsequently built a proud reputation as never having failed to locate any missing pet. That’s some feat in a town like Thorns Hollow, ‘with one of the largest populations of domesticated animals’.

So when they chance upon a flyer for a dog that disappeared two years before, the twins are compelled to investigate. Their search leads them to the outskirts of town, and a home they’ve never seen before. What’s more the missing dog, Maxwell, appears to be on site. Who are the Mordred family who own this mysterious property? Thorns Hollow is small enough that everyone knows everyone else. Not only this mystery, but the fact that the property holds a huge obelisk within it, perturbs Atticus and Esmeralda.

So what happens if their paths cross with Maxwell anew? Thereafter, what if they enter a now empty Mordred house, despite their parents’ warning, and find the doors to the obelisk open and transport them….. Furthermore, what if their investigation seems to unleash something sinister and unknown upon Thorns Hollow, a dour town, perpetually caught in autumn?

Derek Friddolfs and Dustin Nguyen have created an eerie, fascinating and pacy part graphic novel that stirs and provokes. Bookwagon is intrigued and keen to discover more in a ‘must-have’ sequel!


Half Past Peculiar Finders Creepers

Derek Fridolfs and Dustin Nguyen

(Scholastic)– hardback

At Half Past Peculiar Finders Creepers might discover more than they’d ever anticipated. While Esmeralda and Atticus have built a reputation as pet finders par excellence in Thorns Hollow, one mystery remains outstanding. That’s the whereabouts of their own dog, Dunnsworth, who disappeared some years before. Thereafter, the Fetch siblings have built a proud reputation within ‘Lost Pet Relocation Services‘, never having not found any other animal within a town ‘with one of the largest populations of domesticated animals’. 
So when they discover a missing pet card from two years earlier, they are perplexed. Furthermore, it seems this pet, Maxwell, belongs to a property on the edge of Thorn Hollow, they’ve never seen before. Not only are the owners missing,  but it seems full of strange items. It leads to Esmeralda and Atticus to enquire with their parents working away, and choosing to discover more, despite their mother’s hasty, warning reply.
Who are the Mordreds? Furthermore, why does Maxwell appear and disappear? Thereafter, what have Atticus and Esmeralda unlocked through entering the strange house? What is the ‘large obelisk with the sliding doors that seems to shift them sideways’? 
Half Past Peculiar Finders Creepers is an eerie, forthright title with fascinating graphics included. Atticus and Esmeralda are competent, attentive major characters, though Thorns Hollow, in perpetual autumn, is an eerie backdrop. Just what did founder Abigail Crowwley discover? Thereafter, what is the reason for the town’s ‘sleepy qualities’ and ‘dourness’….


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