Hamish Takes the Train


Hamish Takes the Train to the city, although his friend Noreen does not want to accompany him. He learns that he has to buy a ticket at the train station. Yet it’s all closed up when he arrives, so he heads to ‘a little kaboose with lit up windows that reminds him of home.’ Christov, the crane driver, lies ill. He asks Hamish to help him by driving the crane. Hamish will need a ticket for the train to the city, and thereafter hat and boots.

Can Hamish climb the ladder to the crane? Will he be able to manoeuvre the levers ‘for lifting things up and putting them down’?  What will he do when he a passing ‘flock of Canada geese’ remind him of Noreen and home?

Daisy Hirst’s beautiful picture book is a story of adventure and discovery and friendship. While Noreen is perfectly happy to stay at home, Hamish’s journey offers decisions alongside opportunity. What will he decide to do at the end of the week?

Bookwagon loves the muted inky colour palette and the broad sweep of landscape and city. Hamish Takes the Train is a glorious picture book that we recommend highly to readers.

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Hamish Takes the Train

Daisy Hirst

(Two Hoots)

 Hamish Takes the Train after watching the journeys along the tracks with Noreen. The trains are travelling to the city. Yet while Hamish is excited to travel on a train, Noreen wants to stay at home. Therefore, a lone adventurer follows the train tracks to the station, and the ‘railway full of old trains and rusting junk‘. There’s a little kaboose that reminds him of home, further, in which Christov lies ill. He needs somebody to drive a crane. Suddenly, Hamish’s journey is becoming bigger! It seems he will need to travel into the city ‘in Christov’s hat and jacket’ carrying ‘Christov’s ticket’. Furthermore he will have to get a deal for boots and jacket that fit so that he can take on Christov’s special job!
What will Hamish see from the crane? Who will he meet? Furthermore, should he receive wages for his work, might he be tempted to return with pizza for Christov, and thereafter, Noreen?
While Hamish Takes the Train is a wonderful picture book, it is also a story of adventure, discovery, new friends and appreciating differences. Bookwagon loves Daisy Hirst’s Alphonse, There’s Mud on the Ceiling! Therefore, we’re delighted to find, read, love and recommend this treasured story by the same picture book maker.


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