Happy Bunnies


What do Happy Bunnies do on a sunny day? It seems we’re invited to join the games! Maybe we could ‘race outside/, Running, jumping, keeping busy.’  It seems that’s what the bunnies do. Then again, they might dream of flying, or sing songs (though they sound like ‘squawking crows‘) There’s also decorating eggs, watching television or reading!

Frantz Wittkamp’s rhyming verse is warm and encouraging. It is complemented beautifully by Axel Scheffler’s bright, inviting illustrations. What’s more, there’s such a sense of the ordinary, from dreaming, running, ‘playing secret games‘, being comforted from a fall, or even being tempted to bite a carrot….

Bookwagon loves this nurturing picture book, which we recommend highly to our youngest readers.

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Happy Bunnies

Axel Scheffler & Frantz Wittkamp, translated by Alison Green

(Scholastic)- hardback

Happy Bunnies might ‘dream of flying’ but then they’re full of joy with their ‘somersaults’ and ‘roly-poly’ play on sunny days. Then again, they enjoy singing, although they’ve loud, crow-like voices. What’s more, there’s Easter egg decorating and reading to appreciate.
It seems that there might be a solitary bunny on an island, or one who has to wait for another while she goes flower picking. Then again, there might be television to watch, though invented by Dad. There’s racing and swimming and walking and flower gathering! It seems the outdoors offer so many opportunities. All of this offers so many opportunities for participation and discussion. Therefore, at the end of a day, when ‘night is falling‘, it seems Grandpa Rabbit needs ‘glasses and a little lamp‘ to read his ‘favourite book‘. Isn’t something we all enjoy?
Axel Scheffler offers such inviting pictures to Frantz Wittkamp’s rhyming picture book. It seems this title, like Mother Goose’s Nursery Rhymes is perfect to newer readers. What’s more, its activity, bright colours and charm suggest repeated readings and constructive observations too. There’s a feeling that this will become a favourite selection for readers.
Bokwagon loves and recommends Happy Bunnies. 


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