Happy Hills: Attack of the Giant Danger Kittens


Can Ace leave? The unicorn’s seeking Sad Valley but ‘everyone knows that unicorns are rubbish at map reading’. It means he ends up in Happy Hills where he’s welcomed warmly. Maybe a little too warmly? In fact, the inmates are overjoyed at his arrival. They’re each keen to regale him with tales of the founding of Happy Hills, from rainbow candy puke, to un-ice creamy hills!

Then again, they seem determined to overlook Ace’s need to leave. Why would he want that? Isn’t this the happiest place in the world? Somewhere with delicious food and constant noise and company? Even when he thinks he’ll have a gentle camping night, there’s a disco and wild tales. Might everything change with the arrival of the giant danger kittens?

Bookwagon loves the riot, nonsense, fantasy and brilliant colours of Happy Hills: Attack fo the Giant Danger Kittens. We welcome this graphic novel from the wonderful Sophy Henn abroad!

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Happy Hills: Attack of the Giant Danger Kittens

Sophy Henn

(Simon & Schuster)

Lost unicorn, Ace, is seeking Sad Valley when he stumbles into Happy Hills. The residents are determined that he might stay and regale him with songs, dances and stories of their home. These in themselves are confusing. Was this place of wonder formed from rainbow candy puke, three wishes or even a dragon’s quest?
All the stories and company might mean unicorn’s in desperate need of peace and quiet, but what if the welcome continues, noisily, through the night? Might there be discos and campfire stories. Then again, what about awakening to a rhyming day? Or even, an Attack of the Giant Danger Kittens?
Sophy Henn delights us with her books. Just think of the Pizazz or Lifesize series! Then again, Happy Hills: Attack of the Giant Danger Kittens is reminiscent of the daft, colourful, wild imagination of Matty Long’s Super Magic Happy Forest and the Humongous Fungus
Bookwagon loves the colour, riot, noise and nonsense of this wonderful title. Then again, the underlying message of joy is delightful. Furthermore, the songs, rhyming, art activities and game playing add extra dimensions. It’s almost as though readers, like Ace, are being encouraged to stay in this wacky, welcoming place!



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