Happy Narwhalidays


Jingle shells! Jingle shells! Happy Narwhalidays! Narwhal’s warming up waffle pudding and awaiting the arrival of the Merry Merricorn with gifts. However, Jelly is shivering in the wintry waters and skeptical about the existence of any invisible gift giver!

Jelly is delighted to receive a gift from Narwhal, however, though it makes him wonder what on earth he could give his best friend. Furthermore, every other ocean creature seems to be tied up with celebrations, from carolling to providing bioluminescence for a ‘minnow-orah’!

Bookwagon loves the arrangement of this book, like the four previous titles in the series. Once again, we’ve a central story, which is imaginative and witty, alongside factual information and a story created by Narwhal and Jelly. There is so much to read, learn and enjoy. Welcome aboard Happy Narwhalidays!


Happy Narwhalidays

A Narwhal and Jelly Book

Ben Clanton


Happy Narwhalidays, for it seems Narwhal is feeling festive! His tusk is decorated, while he’s enjoying wintry waters and warm waffle pudding. However, Jelly’s not really feeling in the mood. Therefore, when Narwhal shares stories of the Merry Mermicorn who delivers gifts secretly, Jelly is skeptical. Although Narwhal and Jelly were inclined to believe each other was an imaginary friend when they met first in Narwhal Unicorn of the Sea, they’ve since realised everyone can see them. Yet, a Merry Merricorn?
However, Jelly has other problems with which to deal. It seems that Narwhal has gifted him the perfect Narwhaliday present! Therefore, he needs to return the favour. Yet what is the perfect present for Jelly’s best friend? Could there be anyone in the ocean who’s not busy who could help Jelly?
Welcome aboard Happy Narwhalidays, the fifth and latest title in this waffle-liscious series. Not only is this a delightful series with increasingly familiar characters, but it includes so many engaging additions. For example, we enjoy information about different underwater habitats and varying animal behaviour in the cold. Furthermore, there’s a very funny story about a mean green bean!


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