Hari and His Electric Feet


Hari and his sister, Amala, live with their aunt while his parents live and work far away in the Assam tea plantations. They may see them again- this year, maybe next year. Meanwhile, there is work to do, people to help, customers to serve. Hari undertakes chores in a nearby restaurant, delivers tiffin boxes to customers like Mr Ram, and makes delicious sweets that he sells to the restaurant. He dreams of being able to dance.

Writer Alexander McCall Smith talks about his book, ‘Hari and His Electric Feet’

When Hari does take his first steps, something strange and powerful occurs. His feet are magic and have the power to make others dance! Hari has ‘electric feet’. Through these, Hari overthrows a criminal gang, and unites warring parties. Could ‘Hari and His Electric Feet‘ bring Hari what he really desires?

This is such a positive, enthusiastic and magical book. We recommend ‘Hari and His Electric Feet‘ to readers aged from about 8 or 9 or 10 years of age. ‘Hari and His Electric Feet‘ is part of Barrington Stoke’s ┬ádyslexia friendly range.


Hari and His Electric Feet

Alexander McCall Smith, with illustrations by Sam Usher

(Barrington Stoke)

What a glorious book of possibilities! Through necessity, Hari and his sister live with their aunt. They help her with chores, from dressmaking, childminding, to deliveries, restaurant work and sweet making. The last is one of Hari’s talents. In this gorgeous book, we discover Hari’s other talent, as do his customers, neighbours, townspeople, and important people wearing medals. We recommend ‘Hari and His Electric Feet‘ to readers aged from 8 or 9 years of age. (Dyslexia friendly typeface).


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