Harold Snipperpot’s Best Disaster Ever


Harold Snipperpot’s parents don’t like parties. They don’t like each other very much. However, when they see that Harold is extra sad, they hire Mr Ponzio to help. He determines a party for Harold’s seventh birthday is the thing. What a party!

‘Harold Snipperpot’s Best Disaster Ever‘ opens with ribbons, banners and a rainbow of balloons. It ends with a rainbow, chameleons and complete chaos.

The muted colours suggest nostalgic photographs in some lights. There is an air of melancholy in the story. Yet, the melancholy is overwhelmed by the curiosity, terror, comedy and delight of Mr Ponzio’s haphazard scheme. We cheer on Harold’s release from his confines, and exalt in the animals’ animal behaviour!

Beatrice Allemagne is a Bookwagon favourite picture book maker. We adore her earlier titles Lion in Paris and On a Magical Do-Nothing Day. ‘Harold Snipperpot’s Best Disaster Ever’ is a triumph in picture book imagining and creating, but a warm, enabling and empathetic triumph of a story. Every Harold Snipperpot deserves a disaster like this one.


Harold Snipperpot’s Best Disaster Ever

Beatrice Alemagna

(Thames & Hudson)– hardback

Harold Philip Snipperpot has never had a birthday party. As his seventh birthday approaches, Harold feels ‘extra sad’. His parents hate parties, hardly ever talk… Could Mr Ponzio help? How might he create ‘Harold Snipperpot’s Best Disaster Ever’? 


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