Harris Finds His Feet


“Why do I have such enormous feet Grandad?” Harris asks. He is ‘a very small hare with very big feet.’ Grandad shows him, hopping into the sky, to the top of the world, digging cool resting places, shading his body, running very fast from danger…. until Harris realises, and has ‘found his feet.’

‘Harris Finds His Feet’ is a favourite picture book. Catherine Rayner’s illustrations are ripe with the possibilities of the young hare’s landscape and experience. Her text is sparing, yet loving and meaningful. ‘Harris Finds His Feet‘ is an ideal book for new parents, grandparents, families and the young. It deserves to be read and loved.


Harris Finds His Feet

Catherine Rayner

(Little Tiger Press)

Harris wonders why he has such big feet. Grandad shows Harris all that his big feet enable him to do, until Harris is encouraged to discover for himself. ‘Harris Finds His Feet‘ is a charming, meaningful, ‘forever’ picture book.

Winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal


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