Harry Miller’s Run


Liam just wants to go running and start his training for the Great North Run for junior runners, but his Mum wants him to help her clear out old Harry’s house.  Liam would definitely prefer to be elsewhere, but he becomes fascinated by Harry’s stories, in particular his own participation in a great north run….

This thoughtful and moving story of inter-generational friendship and nostalgia was recently included in the Kirkus Book of the Year 2017 Awards. The highly influential arts’ review magazine recognised the warmth and humour of David Almond’s prose and the vibrant, yet naive style of Salvatore Rubbino’s pictures. As with much of Almond’s work, it is written in the dialect of the north-east, which adds to the story’s charm and authenticity. ‘Harry Miller’s Run‘ is an excellent story/picture book for independent readers aged 6 and above.


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Harry Miller’s Run

David Almond, illustrations by Salvatore Rubbino


Harry Miller’s Run‘ is a thoughtful, nostalgic story of inter-generational friendship.  David Almond tells a story of the emergent relationship in warm, northern- tinged, humorous prose.  Furthermore, Salvatore Rubbino’s vibrant, naive pictures elevate the storytelling to something that makes us think. What do the children learn when they encounter Harry Miller? Thereafter, how will it impact on their lives and actions?  Therefore, this wonderful book really is a story of charm and authenticity and wholly recommended.
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Award winning- Kirkus Books of the Year 2017


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