Has Anyone Seen Archie Ebbs?


Has Anyone Seen Archie Ebbs? He was one of the most popular boys, a ring- in to compere Mr Blott’s annual Year 6 leavers’ show. However, everything changes when Izzy collects him from school and Mum returns from work with bad news. It seems the landlord is going to sell the only home Archie remembers. It has the ‘hamsters’ graveyard in the garden- the family photos in the toilet, Izzy’s drawing of Diner as a kitten- and the stain on the bedroom carpet‘. However, the news decimates Archie, alongside his mother and Izzy. In fact, Izzy’s in such denial that she’s posting photos of a new home, that bears no resemblance to the temporary accommodation where the family are forced to live.

How can Archie manage the journey, the lack of sleep, the lack of space and the separation from Dinger, the cat? What’s more,  the place in which they’re living means Archie cannot attend any after school club or join in with his friends. Bit by bit, Archie disappears? Yet who can see him? Then again, who might he meet in his new state?

Has Anyone Seen Archie Ebbs? is a heartfelt plea for understanding and recognition of the plight of too many children in our society. We need to support, see and hear from the Archie Ebbs in our lives. Bookwagon recommends this stirring title highly to our middle grade readers.

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Has Anyone Seen Archie Ebbs?

Simon Packham

(Firefly Press)

Has Anyone Seen Archie Ebbs? He used to be the joker, part of the Awesomeopolis team builders who were indestructible! Why they had plans for their channel that go on for ever. It’s always a collaborative effort with Caitlin, Josh and Amir. Then again, they’re part of the best class in the world. It’s just like Archie’s home is the best house in the world. 22 Station Road is Home Sweet Home, until the day it’s not.
So what’s Archie’s story? Then again, how does his family’s move to temporary accommodation affect him, Izzy and their mother? Its seems the home that Archie’s lived in since he was three is up for sale and the family cannot afford the rent on any other property in the area. Then again there are no available council properties. Despite Mum’s nursing salary and Izzy’s and Archie’s schooling, with Izzy sitting GCSE, nothing can be done. It means Izzy makes a drastic decision, alongside covering their tracks perfectly… or so she thinks. What’s more, Archie’s exhausted by travel and lack of sleep, itches and can no longer participate in any school or after school activities. He feels like he’s invisible….
Simon Packham’s written such an endearing, meaningful middle grade novel with the sort of central character that we know and like. He’s reminiscent of Helen Rutter’s Archie Crumb, in The Boy Whose Wishes Came True. Then again, this Archie’s situation is real, swift and cruel. We feel powerless as we watch his family try to be heard above the system, alongside being desperate for Zofia and Callum too. Altogether, Has Anyone Seen Archie Ebbs? is a powerful, stirring story, that Bookwagon recommends to our readers.


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