Hat Tricks


It’s Hattie’s Magic Show! Abracadabra katakurico… what will emerge from the hat? A cat? A squirrel? An octopus? Oh oh! What’s happening? The show continues, it’s ‘Hat Tricks‘ but the animals?

There is so much to watch and share in ‘Hat Tricks’. Hattie is proud of her skills! The animals? Are they happy? What is happening as each is revealed, and followed with…

Satoshi Kitamura is an outstanding picture book maker. ‘Hat Tricks’, his latest title with new publishing company Scallywag Press, is a triumph. There is so much to be read behind the performance, through the show and within the animals. What a treat! Draw up a chair to enjoy ‘Hat Tricks‘!


Hattie’s Magic Show

Hat Tricks

Satoshi Kitamura

(Scallywag Press)- hardback

Abracadabra katakurico… what is this? It’s ‘Hat Tricks‘! It’s Hattie’s Magic Show! What is in Hattie’s hat? Could there be a… cat? A squirrel? An octopus! Oh oh! Share the mayhem of the magical ‘Hat Tricks‘!



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