Have Sword Will Travel


Odo could never predict that he and his friend Eleanor might ‘Have Sword Will Travel’. However, when Odo discovers an ancient sword, Biter, aka Hildebrand Shining Foebiter, long buried in the mud of the river, life takes an unexpected turn. It’s not the turn that ‘Sir’ Odo wants entirely. However with Biter, Odo is charged with a mission, a quest. 

It’s all Odo’s friend, Eleanor, has ever wished. She burns with a desire to follow her mother’s legacy as a knight. Now, however, she must be his squire, silently copying his sword fighting training, though with a dagger, while urging him onward. 

The pair opt to follow the riverbed toward the home of Quenwulf, legendary dragon, said to be blocking the river bed deliberately, denying  villages and countryside water. It’s a tough quest, but Eleanor and Sir Odo ‘Have Sword Will Travel’. 

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Have Sword Will Travel

Garth Nix & Sean Williams


What is causing the riverbed to dry up? Odo and his friend Eleanor are idly investigating, seeking eels in the mud, when they discover something more. It seems illogical that Odo’s blood should awaken Hildebrand Shining Foebiter from the sword’s muddy sleeping place. Furthermore,  the sword will not be quietened; Odo, is a knight, and needs a quest.
Eleanor, is desperate to become a knight like her mother. Her sense of adventure inspires Odo forward, despite his reluctance. What might the two take on? The disappearing water levels? It seems like the story of mega dragon Quenwulf blocking the river bed, denying the villages water, is the one to pursue!
Biter, Sir Odo’s new sword, leads the pair onward, through challenging ironsmiths, lying knights, deception, sword play, doubts and challenges. Together, Sir Odo and Eleanor, his squire,‘Have Sword Will Travel’ to astounding revelations.


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