Have You Seen Dinosaur?


Will ‘Little Dude’, pup and Elephant have any luck in their hunt for dinosaurs in the big city? They’ll have to be observant! However there’s news of dinosaurs and this trio are keen!

What will they find on the city outskirts? Through the streets, or in the museum? Then again, are closely is the boy looking? It could be that even along the underground there are signs! What will our readers see? Can they sight pterodactyls for example, or even the constant feet of a brachiosaurus?

Alongside a monologue from our central character, beautifully depicted in cursive script, which seems to indicate his thinking more intimately, we’ve such rich, water colour ink pictures, full of depth and wonder.

Bookwagon loves Have You Seen Dinosaur? We suggest this is a wonderful choice for reading aloud closely, and thereafter for choosing and rereading with great enjoyment.

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Have You Seen Dinosaur?

David Barrow

(Gecko Press)

Have You Seen Dinosaur? It seems that ‘Little Dude,’ pup, and Elephant are on the hunt. After all, there have been sightings in the city, and this boy and his friends are keen spotters! Therefore, today’s the day to head off to the city. Isn’t this a likely place?
The trio board a red bus and cross a watercolour wash city bridge, reminiscent of New York’s Williamsburg Bridge It seems the traffic is busy, though the water below is clear. Or is it? Furthermore, what about the streets? It’s here they’ll have to be ‘VERY observant’. Then again, what about the museum? Is it true that they’ll have to ‘keep looking’ for there are no dinosaurs in sight? It seems that pup and Elephant are not so certain! Then again, what about the underground? (Bookwagon loves this double page where commuters smush and freeze alongside passenger Elephant!)
There’s an element of Sam Usher’s Boy and Grandad series in Have You Seen Dinosaur? with the collaboration and the imaginative possibilities. However, as with this writer’s Have You Seen Elephant? there’s an ‘in-joke’ here for alert readers. Which dinosaurs can we see? Then again, is it possible that this city investigation will be fruitless?
Bookwagon loves the washed pictures, the cursive text, the inner monologue and the way we feel part of the experience. In fact, we suggest that readers will love sharing this at bedtime, but also enjoy opportunities to return, reread and discover.


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