Have You Seen My Blankie?


‘Have You Seen My Blankie?’ Princess Alice asks her brother. She has awakened to find  her blankie’s cuddly and soft, warm and snuggly comfort missing. Where could it be? Her brother thinks a giant took it. The giant points Princess Alice in the direction of the Witch. The Witch directs Princes Alice to…. a cranky Dragon. What use does he have for Princess Alice’s blankie?

Lucy Rowland has created a sympathetic, engaging and warm story. It’s descriptive rhyme and touring pace are captivating. Bookwagon loves Paula Metcalf’s picture books. Her illustrations for ‘Have You Seen My Blankie?’ are witty, empathetic and very descriptive. The story’s unpredictability is part of its clever joy. Princess Alice holds herself strongly when dealing with traditional storybook villains. Nobody denies her need of comfort, nor the dragon’s. This bookseller is determined to read more of Lucy Rowland’s titles!


Have You Seen My Blankie?

Lucy Rowland & Paula Metcalf

(Nosy Crow)

Princess Alice’s blankie is ‘so cuddly. So soft and warm and snuggly!’ When it goes missing, Princess Alice asks her brother, ‘Have You Seen My Blankie?‘ He thinks a giant took it. The giant thinks a witch took it, while the witch directs Princess Alice to a dragon. ‘Have you seen my blankie?‘ she asks. What if the dragon needs something cuddly, soft, warm and snuggly, too? Can Princess Alice find something to make the dragon feel as good as the blankie makes her feel?


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