Have You Seen My Giraffe?


It’s a problem when you win a giraffe at a funfair. Where can you keep it? How should it be disguised? Where might it fit? What damage could be done…. What a dilemma!

Thanks to Phoebe- new 2-year-old for alerting Bookwagon to this funny, enticing title, with vivid pictures, enquiring text and captivating pace. It is a delight that we love and recommend to all readers, especially those who enjoy fun books about giraffes!


Have You Seen My Giraffe?

Michelle Robinson, illustrated by Claire Powell

(Simon and Schuster)

There aren’t enough good books featuring giraffes, and this is a very good book, with a giraffe main character- and problem! A great choice for readers aged from 2 years.


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