Heavy Metal Badger


Where will Badger’s passion for noise be appreciated? It seems that his forest home, from which he explodes, cannot tolerate his thrashing drumming. Then again, might having musical training with the recorder orchestra bring him into line, or could he be inspired by the sound to burst into a racket? What about the discipline of an ant-marching band? Or could it be that the pulse inspires him to upend the order entirely? Thereafter, a church choir? It seems an unlikely match!

However, what if, though ‘disheartened and glum‘, Badger alights upon a flyer seeking a lead singer with ‘a rocking stage presence and a passion for noise!’ Isn’t this our Heavy Metal Badger? What’s more, might there be a place for more than him?

Alongside wonderful illustrations that divert and delight, full of colour, light and explosiveness, we’ve such a heartwarming and funny story. Bookwagon adores Heavy Metal Badger. We recommend this book highly to all our readers.

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Heavy Metal Badger

Duncan Beedie

(Little Tiger Press)

While the wood is ‘peaceful and quiet‘ with softly tweeting birds and gently humming birds, it seems there’s a faint underground drumming sound that grows and grows. When Badger’s drumming explodes into a screaming, sliding, striking ‘racket‘ it seems music lessons are in order. However, where might Badger’s talents fit best? Could it be in Mrs Smythe’s recorder class, or might this setting inspire Badger’s whirling, twisting and thrashing? Might he be a Heavy Metal Badger?
Thereafter, what about a ‘toe-tapping- ant marching band‘, or could this sound cast its magic upon Badger’s inner pulse so that ‘the rear ants all scatter-‘? Then again, a ‘church choir‘? Or might this lead to the choirmaster to dismiss him with a ‘musical home is out there‘ farewell? Finally, what about a band that needs a lead singer with ‘a passion for noise‘? Could this setting be the place where Badger’s ‘smoking’ style and strength comes to light. After all, isn’t this meles melesborn to rock‘?
Duncan Beedie offers a truly hilarious, clever and engrossing picture book with Heavy Metal Badger. reminiscent of works by Elys Dolan, including Mayor Bunny’s Chocolate Town. Bookwagon throroughly recommends this wonderful book for sharing, loving and gifting. It is a rip-roaring triumph!


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