Hello! A Counting Book of Kindnesses


There’s ‘1 boat helping us on our way‘ followed by ‘2 hands lifting us to safety.’ The family escapes the war in their country. They work through ‘Hello! A Counting Book of Kindnesses‘ beyond 7 days,  across seas, with food, books that are shared and thereafter gifts. Will they find a home? Somewhere that they might settle, learn and feel safe?

We count, watch and learn across Barroux’s broad painted pages. We see the children’s little rucksacks, the birds, the changes in landscape and realise their newness, shock and fear. Furthermore we see the classroom windows where children peep to welcome them, and thereafter the game of football into which they are invited.

Not only is this beautiful book informative as to what so many children might be forced to live through and escape from, but it’s a reminder as to how we might respond. Thereafter, this book makes us reflect upon what we need in life. What would we carry in a small rucksack should we have to leave our home, seeking a place of safety? What would we hope we might find? Shall we count down?

Hello! A Counting Book of Kindnesses is an informative, resourceful, considered and elegant picture book. Bookwagon is proud to recommend and sell this beautiful book.

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Hello! A Counting Book of Kindnesses

Hollis Kurman and Barroux

(Otter- Barry Books)– hardback

What if a place got so scary that you had to run away? Hello! A Counting Book of Kindnesses counts moments of relief and safety as refugees are forced to leave their home. It seems that the family is together, carrying their few possessions, heading to the ‘1 boat helping us on our way’. Thereafter, ‘2 hands’ lift them to safety‘  In addition, they eat ‘3 meals‘ aboard the boat, travelling to a place they might try to make home. Where are they headed? Then again, will they find somewhere to sleep? What’s more, will their be books to share, wishes that could come true? Furthermore, what other kindnesses might come their way? Could there be writing tools, gifts of clothes? Maybe, a welcoming school?
Cautiously, hopefully, we travel with the refugees, counting along their journey, realising their newness and raw shock and broad hopes. Like The Journey or My Name is Not Refugee the story of the refugee is humanised. It seems that Barroux’s pictures with small, vulnerable characters in backgrounds of rich colours and black outlined drawings explains clearly. Thereafter, Hollis Kurman’s thoughtfully structured story draws us in and makes us understand this situation anew.
Hello! A Counting Book of Kindnesses includes a call to action at its conclusion, with ways that readers may want to help. Furthermore, a percentage from sales of this book will be donated to Amnesty International.

Hollis Kurman reads Hello! A Counting Book of Kindnesses


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