Hello Hello


Award winning picture book maker, Brendan Wenzel has created a painstaking love letter to vulnerable and endangered species in ‘Hello Hello.’ ‘Hello Shape/ Hello Show/ Hello Wonder/ Hello WHOA!‘ A conveyor belt of rare, distinctive and beautiful creatures have been recreated in collage, paint and pastels. Each greets us happily, declaring its glorious individuality.

Hello Hello‘ almost defies description. It is poetic, rhyming, a picture book, a non-fiction animal guide. It’s also so sumptuous in its imagery that it’s a coffee book, one for adults and children to mull over lovingly. All of this adds to its need to have a central place at home or school. ‘Hello Hello‘ is a masterpiece.

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Hello Hello

Brendan Wenzel

(Chronicle Books)- hardback

‘Hello Stripes, Hello Spots, Hello Giant, Hello Not’…. This masterpiece picture book celebrates rare and endangered species. We greet a series of intricately created textured, toned warm animals- ‘Hello Hello‘. Brendan Wenzel is rare and wonderful. In this page picture perfect title he demonstrates his vision and skill anew.



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