Hello Lighthouse


The new lighthouse keeper arrives on a tiny island at dusk to begin his duties. Every day he polishes, refills and trims, while at night he winds the clockwork and keeps the lamp in motion. He has to paint the round rooms, maintain his logbook and listen to the wind. His life is lonely.

The lighthouse keeper waits for a reply to his letter. ‘Hello Lighthouse‘, his sweetheart joins him, that they might set up home upon the island. They share the duties, she cares for him during illness, they work together through storms and fog and disaster.

‘Hello Lighthouse‘ is a call out to the story of lighthouse keepers. It tells of responsible lives, danger and isolation, through days and years, to automation.

Picture book maker. Sophie Blackall, draws on the log book experiences and history of international lighthouse keepers, including those of The Needles, Isle of Wight. She has created an exceptional picture book. ‘Hello Lighthouse‘ is gloriously beautiful, with words of weight ,and images that are so sumptuous and suggestive to be breathtaking. It is a worthy Caldecott Medal winner.


Hello Lighthouse

Sophie Blackall

‘Hello Lighthouse’– ‘hello, hello, hello! ‘ We trace the story of the lighthouse from dusk and the arrival of the new keeper. We watch him perform his daily lighthouse chores. ‘He polishes the lens and refills the oil and trims the burnt end of the wick.’ Every day and through the night, the keeper attends to the lighthouse. What about company? Illness? Storms?
Sophie Blackall’s ‘Hello Lighthouse’ is glorious. We first sight the lighthouse from a bird’s eye view. We are drawn in through a porthole window. She offers us a dissected view of the movement and structure of the lighthouse. When the lighthouse keeper is ill, we travel the winding staircase with his wife, made more urgent by the white matte background.
‘Hello Lighthouse‘ is a ‘forever’ book, one to cherish, know and read again and again and again.

Winner of the Caldecott Medal


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