Hello, Star


Hello, Star is a beautifully illustrated and written story of aspiration and inspiration.  When a young girl learns that a bright light in the sky is coming from a dying star, she promises to keep it company until the light goes out. Every night she reassures her friend that she’s still there. As the years pass, the girl learns everything she can about planets, space, and the universe – until she realises she wants to do something more. This sets her off on an amazing and inspiring life story of her own.  This touching tribute to stars, space, and science celebrates how a small act of compassion can flourish into a life full of meaning and wonder.

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Hello, Star

Stephanie V W Lucianovic, illustrated by Vashti Harrison


In Hello, Star a little girl looks up at the sky and notices a light that is brighter than the rest of the stars. Her mother explains that it is the star’s dying light and the little girl feels sad for it. Each night, she looks out of her window and reassures the star that she is watching.  As she gets older, the girl realises that she wants to get as close as she can to the star.  She wants to understand as much as she can about the mysteries of space.  Finally, as an adult and an astronaut, the young woman stands on the moon and speaks to the star that has become like a friend to her after all these years.
The author Stephanie Lucianovic’s inspiration for the story was her son’s surprising empathy for a dying star.  The star inspires a young black girl to follow a career in science and space.  It also inspires a beautiful sense of wonder and caring about the natural world. Although this is a story about aspiration, Hello, Star also captures the magic and mystery of space, and a sense of how all of us are connected.
The illustrations by Vashti Harrison are quite staggering in their beauty.
Readers are recommended to take a look at Listening to the Stars, another story, this one true, about a young girl’s fascination with the stars.


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