Hello, Universe


There are dandelions in Virgil’s pockets. He feeds them to Gulliver while Ruby’s inspiration about his dilemma continues. How can he find his voice? He is too intimidated to raise his hand in class, or speak to Valencia Somerset, who attends Thursday resource room with him. Now he’s trapped and rescue seems hopeless.

Kaori is waiting for Virgil. She has a client whose fortune she’s telling. Virgil’s absence is distracting her, so she, the client and skipping rope clutching Gen head off to search.

Virgil’s beloved grandmother has second sight too. She tells him stories to inspire, and reassures him that though he is ‘Turtle’ to his parents and brothers, turtles are resilient and strong.

Time is ticking for Chet too as he seeks to prove his bravery through capturing a snake. He’s already seen off that weird little boy who goes to resource room on Thursday. If only he didn’t have the feeling he was being followed…

‘Hello, Universe‘- all is poised for a collision, coincidence, recognition and understanding.

This is a magnificent, ‘forever’ title. Bookwagon is proud to recommend ‘Hello, Universe’ to readers seeking a story that will linger with them for always.


Hello, Universe

Erin Entrada Kelly

(Harper Collins)

Virgil is like a turtle. He hides from life. Only his beloved Lola knows what is behind his eyes. She tells him stories from her native Philippines to inspire him. Valencia Somerset inspires him. Despite her disability, she faces up to life. She faces up to Chet, Virgil’s nemesis. Kaori sees coincidences in the fortunes of Virgil and Valencia. None of them know that their fortunes will coincide in the woods, one morning.

Winner of the Newbery Medal for the Most Distinguished Contribution to American Literature for Children


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