There may be small creatures and big creatures to play with. There might be singing and dancing and soaring into the skies and diving into the waters. What’s more there might be enough to eat and drink. However what if the creatures return to their homes and cannot return your Hello? What are you to do?

Nüwa weeps ‘huge tears into the dry mud‘ for somebody to say hello to. ‘If only [she] had a friend who could talk‘ to her. Might squeezing, stretching, pushing and pulling create somebody with whom she might laugh and play? Then again, they could share stories by the fire. Furthermore, what about more people ‘to talk to‘?

Viola Wang creates a riot of a creation and connection story, that reminds this bookseller of Polynesian colours and scenes. Hello is a beautiful, positive picture book of our interdependence and possibilities. Bookwagon recommends this title for reading together, knowing, taking time over and loving.

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One magic word connects us all

Viola Wang

(Hachette)– hardback

Although Nüwa had the whole world about her, there was something missing- someone to talk to. We journey to a time when ‘the world was still young, everything was different‘. While Nüwa was happy with ‘plenty to eat and drink’ and ‘singing and dancing among the plants and animals‘ she was aware that all the creatures spoke to their own kind. Therefore, who could she speak with?
It seemed that diving into the water and blowing bubbles back to the fish might be enough. Or maybe soaring into the sky with the creatures of the air? However, none of the creatures could say Hello back to her when she greeted them. What would Nüwa do?
Alongside neon bright pictures, such as we enjoyed in Curious Creatures Glowing in the Dark, Hello offers an imaginative creation story of a planet in its infancy. It seems Viola Wang offers a Moana-like story, alongside bearing a message of reaching out and thereby our human connection across the planet. What’s more, there’s something in Nüwa’s co-existence with all the big and small creatures that reminds us of our interdependence.
Hello is a fresh, reviving consideration of our place and our possibilities. Bookwagon recommends this title for looking over, wondering about and sharing, too.


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