Helper and Helper


Snake and Lizard have set up their consulting room helping animals through their problems- ‘Helper and Helper‘. As ever, Lizard has worked the hardest in digging out their reception room. Fees include eggs (for Snake) and flies and beetles (for Lizard.) Should their billboard announce ‘Lizard and Snake’ just to be fair? What has happened to Lizard’s new friend Brown Frog, found at the early morning pond? How will they cope with competition from Dr Grey Rabbit?

Another riveting read is delivered in ‘Helper and Helper’, an amusing, confident chapter book. Acclaimed writer and picture book maker, Joy Cowley and Gavin Bishop, have created a worthy sequel to the award- winning Snake and Lizard

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Helper and Helper

Joy Cowley/ Gavin Bishop

(Gecko Press)

Helper and Helper’ is a standalone sequel to the acclaimed Snake and Lizard . This title is recommended to readers who would enjoy an imaginative story of friendship, morality and problem-solving. The pair have set up shop; they’re sure they can advise on life. Meanwhile, they’ have to sort out their own relationship issues. Bookwagon loves this title!


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