Hen in the Bed


‘There were 10… in the bed and the speckled hen said, ‘Roll over! Roll over!’ So they all rolled over….

Katrina Charman has entranced readers with her revision of a range of traditional tales and rhymes, including Car, Car, Truck, Jeep and The Whales on the Bus. Thereafter, we’re curious and excited to discover the excitement of the speckled hen’s bed companions. Then again, why is she clearing the bed of each, one after the other?

We count down through the split pages, which fan out offering a tempting peep as to who might be next. Lion? Cow? Cat? Sheep? Dog? Surely the speckled hen doesn’t want this huge bed all for his little, feathered self?

We love the rhyme, humour and construction of this picture book. All in all, Hen in the Bed is an outstanding choice for reading aloud, reciting, recalling, reading alone and knowing well. We recommend Hen in the Bed highly to families and early years’ settings.


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Hen in the Bed

A funny split-page counting book

Katrina Charman and Guilherme Karsten

(Nosy Crow)

‘Roll over! Roll over! So they all rolled over and…’ It seems that Katrina Charman has another spin on a traditional tale! Thereafter, who’s the speckled hen’s keen to roll over? Might there be a lion, a cow, a cat and even a sheep? What’s more, is it the hen’s intention that she is sleeping alone? That in fact the bed’s too crowded? After all, it seems full of animals!
Bookwagon suggests that like The Whales on the Bus or Car, Car, Truck, Jeep, Hen in the Bed is a fabulous picture book to read together. Furthermore, the opportunity to count down is indicated so cleverly with the split pages. In fact, these seem to fan, so as to tempt readers to peep ahead! Then again, readers have opportunities to predict alongside offering the animal sounds. There is also the chance to comment. After all, why are the animals seeking to huddle together? Then again, why these animals?
Bookwagon loves Hen in the Bed and suggests this picture book is destined to become a favourite with so many readers at home and in early years’ facilities, too.


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