Henry and the Yeti


Henry determines the only way to prove the existence of yetis is to find one. Henry loves yetis. His teacher agrees to him missing school to take up his expedition, though he must return with evidence. Henry prepares.

Will ‘Henry and the Yeti’ discover each other? Do yetis exist? Henry travels ‘out of the city, across an ocean, up a hill, over a river….‘ Mountain after mountain after mountain lie ahead but not even a footprint! Will Henry abandon his search?

Henry’s self possession, isolation and determination are clearly evidenced in Russell Ayto’s skilful picture book. I love the way he frames Henry’s passage from setting after setting after setting. Nobody constructs movement like Russell Ayto. I love the angular planes and variety of directions. There is something almost Escher meets Mr Magoo like in Henry’s trek. There is also something unbearably tender.

‘Henry and the Yeti’ is a satisfying, original, ‘forever’ picture book. It is a title to read often and cherish.


Henry and the Yeti

Russell Ayto


Nobody knows if yetis exist. Henry is convinced they do. Henry loves yetis. He asks his teacher if he might miss school to determine the existence of yetis. His teacher agrees, as long as Henry returns with evidence. What does Henry need to do? What will he pack? How will he travel? Will Henry discover a yeti? Follow Henry’s journey through the extraordinary, ‘Henry and the Yeti’. 


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