Her Majesty’s League of Remarkable Young Ladies


Who is Her Majesty’s League of Remarkable Young Ladies? Then again, where is their HQ? It’s all an enormous puzzle at first for Winnie, running from Beacon Academy where her demeanour is said to be unladylike. However, she’s other things on her mind, for her beloved Papa is in trouble. It seems to be something to do with their invention, the Weatherby Teleautograph machine, which Winnie’s determined to present before the Paris World Fair. Surely their prototype communication device is a likely prize winner?

However, as Winnie seeks Papa, it seems she’s being followed. Thereafter, the support of the League is essential for her own protection. Yet it comes at a cost, for the League have a mission. They’re trying to reveal ‘Mr Magpie’ who’s targeting Queen Victoria’s eldest son, Bertie, the heir to the throne. Can Winnie create devices to help this slick female spy network capture the culprit? Thereafter, can she find Papa and make her way to Paris with their machine intact?

Bookwagon recommends Her Majesty’s League of Remarkable Young Ladies to all history buffs, detective story aficionados and those readers who enjoy STEM ideas, too!

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Her Majesty’s League of Remarkable Young Ladies

Alison D. Stegert

(Chicken House)

How can being expelled from Beacon Academy lead to Winifred A. Weatherby being recruited to Her Majesty’s League of Remarkable Young Ladies? Although Winnie’s always followed her father’s fascination for invention and engineering, it’s frowned upon. After all, aren’t girls expected to be ladylike, demure, ornamental? In fact Winnie’s none of these. What’s more, she has a determination that the teleautograph machine that she and Papa have created should compete for the Premier Prix at the Paris World Fair. However, there’s a problem for Papa has disappeared. it seems somebody is after their invention!
Thereafter, Winnie’s focus is on finding Papa and hiding the machine. However, it seems there are other urgent issues that need her attention. The group that seeks to recruit her need her technical expertise in their quest to foil Mr Magpie. This hidden character seems to be terrorising Bertie, Queen Victoria’s heir. Can Winnie’s inventions and then the skills of the other young women of the agency reveal and capture the culprit?
Like Cosima Unfortunate Steals a Star, Her Majesty’s League of Remarkable Young Ladies is a story of derring- do, invention and breaking down walls. It’s also the Times Chicken House and Institute of Engineering and Technology prize winner! Bookwagon invites you to step into a world of devices, detection and disguise!


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