Here Comes Lolo


Here Comes Lolo full of vitality. Whatever is at the forefront of her mind is her priority. Maybe it’s a new hat. Perhaps it’s how to win a green star at school. A gold star is awarded for reading and Lolo knows that only Brendan reads well enough to be awarded a gold star! Lolo pays close attention to what’s around her, including her footsteps. Therefore, it’s unsurprising when she spots something twinkling and wonderful on the pavements. Furthermore, it’s Lolo who’s concerned about the state of a neighbouring dog she sees from her rooftop lookout.

Here Comes Lolo is a brilliant addition to our growing wagon load of early chapter books. Lolo is appealing, alert and such good fun. Furthermore, there are more adventures in Hooray for Lolo. It seems like you can’t keep this bright, enquiring character down! Welcome all the way from South Africa!

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Here Comes Lolo

Niki Daly


Could Lolo win a green star? After all, she’s won a yellow star for maths, a red star for her handwriting and a blue star for her clean hands. Therefore, might a green star be awarded for helpfulness? It seems that Lolo’s very helpful. However Lolo’s aware that a gold star for reading is out of the question. Somehow, that’s rather too much to ask!
‘A Gold Star and a Kiss’ is the opening story in Here Comes Lolo a really readable, positive addition to Bookwagon‘s early chapter book range. Lolo’s life is in South Africa with her Mama and Gogo in South Africa. While Mama watches the sky and Gogo looks for neighbours and passers-by, Lolo’s attention is on the ground.  After all, what might she discover while walking? When she discovers a piece of twinkly jewellery, it calls for a careful operation to reunite the piece with its owner. Lolo is great at making signs and posters. Will her artistry work in this case?
The superb storytelling, gentle morality, humour and bounce make Here Comes Lolo a truly recommended selection for newer readers. We are proud to welcome this superb South African story aboard Bookwagon.


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