Hibernation Hotel


Bear has had enough! He’s well overdue to settle into his long winter sleep yet the fidgeting of Beaver, Racoon’s snoring and Skunk’s ‘whiffiness’ are preventing this. What is he to do?

In desperation, Bear books into ‘Hibernation Hotel’, requesting a wake-up call on March 1st! There’s a huge room to enjoy, late night television, hotel toiletries and room service too… However, when Bear begins his sleep, something, upon which he cannot put his paw, is wrong. Could it be the heat? The partying neighbours? The over-fluffy pillows? Or could there be something/ somebody or three, missing?

Bookwagon loves the picture books of John Kelly. We are delighted therefore to welcome this collaboration with Laura Brenella ‘Hibernation Hotel’ is witty, warm and so very imaginative! It’s just right to snuggle up to read over a long winter!


Hibernation Hotel

John Kelly and Laura Brenella

(Little Tiger)

‘Hibernation Hotel’ seems the only answer to Bear’s problem. It seems like the usual overcrowding of his cave with snoring Racoom, fidgeting Beaver and ‘whiffy’ Skunk will not allow him to get to sleep. Bear elects to book ‘himself into a fancy hotel.‘  Bear books a wakeup call for March 1st before entering his room- ‘BIGGER than his whole cave!‘ After room service, Bear prepares to settle down for his long winter sleep. However, there are problems…
Will a good shower, fluffy pillows and some night time television help our hibernating hero? What could he possibly need? As with What Do You Do if Your House is a Zoo? amongst his other titles, John Kelly entrances with this witty, warm picture book. The story is unpredictable, and rich with detail to enjoy. (Imagine a bear using all the hotel shampoo!) We love Laura Brenella’s ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ reminiscent pictures that accentuate the story. It’s time to settle into ‘Hibernation Hotel’, maybe until March 1st?


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