Hide and Seek


‘How about hide-in-seek?’ said Cy/ ‘Excellent,’ said Poppy. ‘ Why don’t you run as far into the woods as you can, and then I’ll come and look for you.’ Poppy and Cy are trying to cheer themselves up. Their dog has disappeared. The game deep in the winter woods offers potential…. and, as the reader realises, danger.

Anthony Browne’s surreal. photorealistic images are mesmerising. We watch the shapes grow in the shadow, the suspense build, and we, Cy and Poppy imagine the potential for many dangers. The pictures build on what is suggested, what we imagine, so that the conclusion is a surprise.

Anthony Browne has included a play on his title- ‘Hide and Seek’– in that the reader is invited to find hidden objects throughout the book, with an additional ‘search’ page at its conclusion.

We love Anthony Browne’s detailed, unique, captivating works, and ‘Hide and Seek‘ is a keeper, a book in which to lose yourself, and imagine much more than the eye can see. We recommend this book for readers who are school age and beyond.


Hide and Seek

Anthony Browne


A game of woodland hide- and -seek is proposed to cheer Poppy and Cy, saddened since their dog, Goldie, disappeared. Little do they realise the potential of their game. The reader does, stalking shadows, shapes and wild and various Dali-esque creatures. ‘Hide and Seek‘ is a captivating picture book creation from the inestimable former Children’s Laureate, Anthony Browne. Bookwagon recommends this title for readers aged from school age.


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