Hilda and the Runaway Baby


While Hilda lives at the foot of the hill with an almond tree and trough for the company, the baby escapes around the village on the hill top. When Hilda rescues the Runaway Baby’s pram as it careens down the hill, following a bird, she gets more than she expected. It seems that pigs are not meant to push prams, while the baby’s ‘Da’ is the first response she’s heard. Meanwhile as the baby shares ‘some of his milk and park of a broken biscuit he found in the pram’, he works out that Hilda could push his pram back to the village where he lives.

It seems that life should return to the way it was with the baby’s safe return. Yet the baby is not happy. Thereafter when it howls, only the return of Hilda will pacify it. Will Hilda manage to quell the baby’s wanderings?

Bookwagon adores the unique, enchanting stories Daisy Hirst creates. In this picture book of Mediterranean feeling, we’re treated to a Provençal colour palette and her familiar black inscribed features. Hilda and the Runaway Baby is a joy to read and share.


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Hilda and the Runaway Baby

Daisy Hirst

(Walker Books)

Although Hilda know that she ‘ought to be happy’ with her peaceful life ‘at the foot of the hill’, she is not. It seems that nothing about her, says ‘anything back‘ when she tries ‘talking to them’. Meanwhile, at the top of the hill, stands the village. This is where baby ‘who is never where he is expected to be’ lives. While everyone want to talk to the baby’s parents, the baby notices all about him, even a bird flying away….
Hilda sees the baby careening down the hill in his pram. She realises this baby cannot ‘stop the pram’! She runsuntil the baby stretches and Hilda can stop the pram. Thereafter, she introduces herself, while the baby replies, ‘Da‘. It seems ‘a pig is not designed to stand up straight and push a pram’. Therefore, while she recovers, the baby shares ‘some of his milk and park of a broken biscuit he found in the pram‘.  It seems that the baby’s parents will welcome his return after his long absence and then the journey that Hilda must take to pull him back to the village, doesn’t it? Yet as Hilda leaves, the baby remembers Hilda and howls… Might Hilda soothe the baby and thereafter quell his wandering spirit? Might the baby provide Hilda with the conversation for which she longs?
Hilda and the Runaway Baby are meant to be together.  We love Daisy Hirst for satisfying storytelling as in The Girl With the Parrot on Her Head or Alphonse, There’s Mud on the Ceiling!


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