Holey Moley


Holey Moley! Gus the Goat is determined that ‘guess is what I do’. To that end, he’s certain that Mole lives in a hole. It means that whatever Mole says to try to tell the truth of his home, Gus interjects!

Thereafter, he suggests it’s a pole, a sausage roll, guacamole? Why won’t he listen? Then again, how on earth can Mole live as a ‘roly poly, … rock ‘n’ rolly, bowly-‘ Mole in a Hole?

Then again, where does Mole live? What will Gus make of it when he learns the truth? Will he accept it or will he persist with his Holey Moley certainty?

Bookwagon loves the imagination, rhyme, wild characterisation and frustrating encounter. Then again, Anders Frang’s illustrations are incidental, dead pan and very funny.

All in all, it means that Holey Moley is an ideal book to share, laugh over, recite, read often and love!

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Holey Moley

Bethan Clarke, illustrated by Anders Frang

(Little Tiger Press)

Where I live doesn’t rhyme with mole‘, reasons Mole. However, will Gus listen? It seems that ‘guessing’ is what Gus the Goat does. What’s more, he’s determined that Mole lives in a place that rhymes. What’s more, it doesn’t matter how wide of the mark that guess might be. How frustrating!
Thereafter, what about a ‘sausage roll! In fact ‘– in a sausage rolly!’ Or even a ‘tour bus’. A tour bus? Why ‘of course it rhymes‘. After all, isn’t Mole a ‘rock ‘n’ rolly’ mole? In fact, a ‘guacamole, roly-poly, … rock ‘n’ rolly, poley, sausage rolly, bowly in a Holey Moley;? What will it take for Gus to listen to Mole? To learn where Mole lives for real? To understand that no hole is involved? Or, in fact, is there? Or might it be that Gus is determined to be right- whatever?
Bookwagon loves the nonsense, conversational picture book from Bethan Clarke and Anders Fang. Alongside a ridiculous  encounter, which has us glued with joyful anticipation, we’ve such diverting illustrations. These are wide-eyed, rather deadpan and hilarious! Then again, Holey Moley puts us in mind of The Eyebrows of Doom in its contemplation and style. Altogether, this is a brilliant picture book to share, linger over, know well and recount.


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