Home in the Rain


The little red car seemed to muster all of its courage as it waited outside, ready for the road.’ Francie and her mother endure a long journey home in the little red car, through driving relentless rain, only punctuated by a stop for sandwiches and to discuss the new baby the family anticipates.

The reader joins the journey, past ‘endless lines of cars and buses, oil tankers and trucks’ past the hidden rabbits, field mice and kestrels, from city to countryside, highways to lanes. The storytelling, through text and picture, is mesmerising. This is a book in which to linger, that holds so much meaning, both stated and inferred. We participate in Francie’s preoccupations, from her absent father, to the forthcoming baby. We watch her draw on the fogged glass, we feel her assume the memory of this final journey alone with her mother.

Bob Graham is a Bookwagon favourite. HIs works are always wonderful, with each new title being hotly anticipated by us. We urge our readers to discover this picture book supremo, knowing that whatever your age, his books will engage, entice and enthralling. ‘Home in the Rain‘ is one of his very best books.

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Home in the Rain

Bob Graham

(Walker Books)

There’s a suggestion, when you’re enclosed during driving rain, that you’re safe, isolated, cocooned. Bob Graham has captured this feeling and expanded it into one of the most beautiful picture books we have the pleasure to recommend and sell. Readers of all ages will love ‘Home in the Rain‘. It is especially recommended to families expecting a new baby.


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