Home: Where Our Story Begins


Home: Where Our Story Begins is the cave for Bear. He ventures out at the sign of the first shoots. He discovers scurrying squirrels, and owls in the trees above. Thereafter, he journeys to the river, where salmon return from the sea to lay their eggs, and Arctic tern fly overhead, on their long journey to home.

Beavers build dams, while rabbits rush to their warrens as wolves howl from their dens. The forest is alive with movement, scent, freshness and hope for the new season.

Patricia Hegarty’s rhyming text is so inviting and descriptive. It fits perfectly with the paper cut, richly coloured, densely realised pictures of Britta Teckentrup. Altogether, this is a beautiful book to read together, alone, or gift. Home: Where Our Story Begins is highly recommended by Bookwagon. 

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Home: Where Our Story Begins

Patricia Hegarty and Britta Teckentrup

(Little Tiger)

‘Wherever we may choose to roam,/ We need a place to call our….’ So where is our place? Thereafter, is it the same as other people’s, or even other creatures?
It seems that when ‘shoots appear and flowers sprout’ it’s time for bears to venture out from cave homes. It’s at this time, that they discover owls in the trees and scurrying squirrels. What’s more, there are salmon heading into the river from the shore, laying their eggs. Little Bear ‘pauses, watches, listens’. What else might be discovered about this place, so familiar, yet waiting to be rediscovered?
Patricia Hegarty’s rhyming text is rich and inviting, while the paper cut pictures from Britta Teckentrup are empathetically toned, lush and seemingly glimmered with a sense of freshness. Thereafter, as we continue with Bear’s explorations, we journey underground to the tunnels, to a warm and dry ‘rabbits’ warren‘. It seems the family are huddled against the wolves prowling from their dens, ‘seeking food to eat’. Meanwhile, the spring air, is a signal to Arctic terns  to ‘journey halfway around the world’, as we’ve explored in The Sea Swallow and the Humpback Whale.
Bookwagon loves and recommends this fascinating, beautiful picture book of life and hope and new seasons. Home: Where Our Story Begins is a superb picture book to read and cherish.


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