Honey’s Hive: Bee a Friend


Although Honey’s friends and members of the hive are not overly bothered by news of a shortage of pollen and nectar, Honey’s concerned. After all, haven’t her friends stood by her? Didn’t they help when her hive had to find a new place to live? Therefore, despite best advice, she’s determined to lead Carl, Fred and the other bugs to new food sources.

Thereafter, what if Honey’s hive comes under attack? What’s more, what if it’s a ferocious one from wasps? These are clever insects, and Honey needs all her resources and her friends too if her hive is to stay safe.

Bookwagon loves Mo O’Hara’s clever storytelling interspersed by such fascinating, relevant information. Furthermore, Aya Kakeda’s illustrations are so detailed and effective. We are really happy to welcome Honey’s Hive: Bee a Friend aboard!

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Honey’s Hive: Bee a Friend

Mo O’Hara, illustrated by Aya Kakeda

(Andersen Press)

It seems there’s trouble in the area surrounding Honey’s Hive. While Honey and her scouts have been able to source good pollen and nectar spots for their community, there’s little to spare for others. Although her friends are inclined to consider this issue fair, Honey doesn’t feel this way. After all, haven’t friends like Carl and Fred helped in every circumstance? Surely everyone should pull together, Bee a Friend?
Mo O’Hara delighted us with Honey’s Hive where we watched as Honey found her feet  and therein a new place to live. It seems her community is thriving. What’s more, it’s delighted with Honey to such an extent that there’s a surprise in store for her! However, what if the pleasure in this is overwhelmed by an unwanted intruder? Might it mean that Honey is proved right, that helping others means the hand of friendship is returned? Then again, might Honey and her quick observation and wealth of ideas locate enough food for every bug community? It seems the notion to Bee a Friend is a good one!
Bookwagon welcomes this delightful story aboard. Not only is it great to catch up with this buzzing community and those in its vicinity, but we learn so much along the way. What’s more, Aya Kakeda’s illustrations are deft, detailed and fascinating.


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