Honey’s Hive


Honey’s not sure which role she should take after Bee School. Then again, she’s spent a lot of her time under Miss Ivy’s tutelage day dreaming, wishing she could have the same sort of adventures as hu-mans seem to enjoy. It seems it’s time to find her place in the hive…

Could she be like Beanie and care for the nursery of larvae? It doesn’t seem too demanding. Or could Honey learn the full responsibility rather too quickly? Then again, what if her search for a role within the hive is pushed aside by an emergency! It seems the Queen is under attack and the hive must move. Yet, where? Every space seems taken. However, Honey’s wanderings, in search of adventure, may have led her to places that the hive hasn’t considered. What about one that’s very high up? Then again, could it be that Honey’s friendliness means she’s made connections with other species along the way?

Not only is the story delightful, but Mo O’Hara includes really fascinating information about the lives and work of bees along the way. She seems to direct this at the reader with such joy, too! Then there’s Aya Kakeda’s skilful, delicate illustrations. These are so unique that they seem to show a real love for the storytelling. Bookwagon is so happy to introduce Honey’s Hive to our readers!

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Honey’s Hive

Mo O’Hara, illustrated by Aya Kakeda

(Andersen Press)

Honey’s Hive is full of her friends who are choosing their roles. it seems that after Bee School with Miss Ivy, the bees will be assigned their jobs. However, what will Honey choose? She’s after adventure. Could it be in the nursery with Beanie, caring for the larvae? Then again, what about as a guard, or forager? However, what if deciding makes you panic a little, feel you’re incompetent? After all, isn’t Honey in trouble with Miss Ivy, constantly, reciting the Bee Code so as to remind her of her place?
Then again, it seems as though there’s little time for the bees to reassemble when there’s a coup. A new young bee wants to oust the Queen Bee. It means that the hive’s in danger and must move quickly. Yet where? Could this be where Honey shows her skills? Finds her place?
Alongside a really engaging story about Honey and her friends, Mo O’Hara, whom we know from the Agent Moose graphic novels, offers information. Thereafter, she breaks into the story with facts about bees, the way they live and work alongside how we might engage with them. It means that this title is really gripping! Then again, we’ve such detailed, intricate illustrations from Aya Kakeda.
Bookwagon loves Honey’s Hive. There’s a buzz on the line that that there’ll be further stories in a series too!



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