Hooray for Lolo


Lolo lives  in a South African township with her mother and grandmother. She loves school and skipping and sleepover parties. Lolo loves reading, especially when she discovers a great book that demands to be read again and again!

‘Hooray for Lolo’ is a celebration of life. We watch Lolo negotiate friendships, disappointment, illness and fear. Niki Daly, who writes and illustrates this title and Here Comes Lolo creates somebody likeable and believable.

We recommend ‘Hooray for Lolo’ highly to newer readers, settling into chapter books, seeking an engaging, funny, rich and readable story.


Hooray for Lolo

Niki Daly

(Otter-Barry Books) 

Hooray for Lolo’ is the enchanting sequel to Here Comes Lolo. This early chapter book offers stories that are recognisable while drawing upon less familiar settings and situations.
The opening chapter has Lolo negotiating friendship. Why does Lulu show off? Furthermore, why is she so eager to undermine Lolo? What does she have that is so special? Lolo’s library book is a great hit. Consequently all her friends want to read it and share it. It seems like its popularity is a mixed blessing because when it’s due to be returned, it goes missing….
‘Hooray for Lolo’ is a superb choice for newer readers seeking an engaging chapter book with humour, wit and great story appeal.


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