I have read this book four times. On every occasion, it has made me laugh. ‘Hoot‘ is truly readable, thoroughly likeable, and really approachable, rather like its hero, Roy Eberhardt, adjusting to Florida, the heat, the newness, the expected school bully, while intrigued by a barefoot boy he spots running alongside the bus one morning. Little does he know that this mystery boy will lead him along a whole new, police investigation gripping, golf ball hitting project that will deter the bully and inculcate him into discovering the richness and wonder of his new home state.

Hoot‘ won the Newbery award, deservedly. It is my ‘go to’ book for reading aloud, for recommending to reluctant readers looking for a gripping book that will really hold their interest. Give it a go! You will not be disappointed. (Ideal for readers aged from 9 years.)



Carl Hiaasen


Roy Eberhardt moves house constantly; it’s a feature of his father’s work. However, moving from Montana to Florida is especially hard. There’s the school bully to shake off, the misconception he’s a ‘cowboy’ and then there’s the mystery of the barefoot, running boy who is determined to be invisible. ‘Hoot‘ is a truly readable story- pacy, adventurous, funny and gripping, with a subtle and hard-hitting message, that works for all readers.

Winner of the Newbery Medal


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