Horrible Bear


The girl stomped into her room, ‘Horrible Bear!’ Her kite is snapped and she is angry. Bear, meanwhile is indignant. ‘I’m not horrible! She barged in! She woke me up! How would she like it if…‘ Bear puts his indignation into practice and prepares to extract revenge.

The girl tells Stuffie, ‘the best listener‘ all about ‘Horrible Bear’ but Stuffie can’t listen. ‘Oh no,’ says the girl. How can the problem be resolved? Maybe ‘Horrible Bear’ might help?

This incidental, accidental coincidence of story, is a winner. With bold colours, strong outlines, additional speech bubbles, and perfectly plotted vocabulary, Ame Dyckman and Zachariah O’Hara have created a superb picture book. ‘Horrible Bear‘ is witty, funny, resourceful and relevant. I can’t wait for more titles from this awesome twosome.


Horrible Bear

Ame Dyckman, illustrated by Zachariah O’Hara

(Andersen Press)

Is Bear REALLY horrible? Barging? Making a rumpus? Stomping? Surely Bear wouldn’t resort to paying the girl back? Find out what happens in the very funny, sincere and captivating, ‘Horrible Bear‘. We love it and recommend it to your youngest readers and their adults.


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