Hospital High


When Mimi Thebo was fourteen, she was involved in a near-fatal car accident; she was the near fatality. She has recounted her experience through Coco, the teenaged protagonist of ‘Hospital High‘, who endures three years of surgery and hospitalisation following a car crash.

We share Cocos’ thoughts and words, from the impact, to her out of body death experience, her isolation with surgeons, juvenile peers and her father, expectations on her as a patient, survivor and teen, and, through her voice– ‘Donald, her magic slate.

There is a sense of a deeply personal exposure in this wonderful book, of the reader being drawn into sharing something special with the writer that bonds us. It is an exceptional title, one  I recommend highly to teen and adult readers. It draws on considerations about communication, honesty, fitting in, expectation, empathy, faith and the real value of life and/or death. ‘Hospital High‘ is a brilliant book.


Hospital High

based on a true story

Mimi Thebo

(Lodestone Books)

Mimi Thebo has been writing this title, based on her own experience of a near fatal car accident for years. ‘Hospital High‘ is riveting. You will not believe the story. We do, and cannot stop thinking about it!


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